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The Nisene Family of Products

The Complete Nisene Lineup

A complete list of our current products can be seen below, along with a few of our older products that you might still find out in the field.

PlasmaEtch (2014-present) 

Status: supported.

The PlasmaEtch is a groundbreaking technological marvel used for the etching of encapsulated integrated circuits by a proprietary combination of reactive ion etching, microwave radiation, and vacuum.

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JetEtch Pro (2011-present)

Status: supported.

Automated decapsulation system for the etching of integrated circuits. The baseline decap model for the line of Nisene Technology Group’s decappers.

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JetEtch Pro CuProtect (2011-present)

Status: supported.

The enhanced model to the JetEtch Pro (above), engineered for the preservation of copper wires and other internal structures. Doubles as standard JetEtch Pro when CuProtect mode is deactivated.

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JetEtch Pro TotalProtect (2013-present)

Status: supported.

The top of the line decapsulation system, featuring everything from the CuProtect model (above), JetEtch Pro baseline model (top), and with an added cooling module that offers the end user with the maximum etching flexibility. Yet another illustration of Nisene’s advanced technology.

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JetEtch II (2008-2011)

Status: obsolete. *

The predecessor to the JetEtch Pro, the JetEtch II was the Nisene flagship model circa 2008-2011. This model was replaced by the JetEtch Pro, but we still offer limited support.

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JetEtch (2004-2008)

Status: obsolete. *

Prior to the JetEtch II, Nisene offered overhauled the famous d2-i decapsulation system and as a tribute to the original decapsulation system started the “JetEtch” nomenclature again. This system was sold between the years of 2004-2008 before being replaced in the lineup with the JetEtch II.

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Status: supported.

The Nisene Technology Group CERDIP Opener is the solution to opening ceramic dual inline packages, or CERDIPs. To view our CERDIP Opener page, please click here.

Can Opener

Status: supported.

Our Can Opener allows for the mechanical decapsulation of “can”-type packages, used often in military applications. View our Can Opener page by clicking here.


STATUS: discontinued / supported. *

The GelEtch delayering system was an enhanced and overhauled version of its predecessor, the OmniEtch. The GelEtch was released in 2009 and was manufactured through 2015. In its heyday, the GelEtch was the only chemical die delayering system on the market.

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Legacy Products

A timeline of Nisene’s all-time greatest hits is coming soon!

* = Limited support may be available. Not eligible for extended warranties.