Plasma Decapsulation. It's Here.

As the world moves toward more eco-friendly processes and the semiconductor manufacturing industry continues to make smaller parts with sensitive internal components, failure analysts are presented with a unique challenge: how do you etch these samples? Nisene Technology Group has bridged the gap between semiconductor manufacturing technology and failure analysis with its latest decapsulation system: the PlasmaEtch.

It Works. Here's How.

The PlasmaEtch decapsulation system is a revolutionary patent-pending gas-based semiconductor etching system. Employing a never-before-seen application of microwaved gases inciting chemical radicals for isotropic etching, the PlasmaEtch is the greenest and most cost-effective etching solution available. The PlasmaEtch can etch most sample sizes, encapsulant types, and wire bond types. Whether it's a more traditional gold wire sample, or if the sample features copper or silver wires, the PlasmaEtch delivers a safe and reliable etch.

PlasmaEtch Innovations:


Unlike typical and less sophisticated plasma decap systems that take many hours or even days to get to the surface of the die, the PlasmaEtch can clear the encapsulant of most package types and reveal the complete die surface and wire sweep in a matter of a couple hours. Chemical-free decapsulation has never been so effective.

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Questions about the PlasmaEtch?

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