Testimonials Page

Below you will find just a few testimonials we've received over the years from satisfied customers.

Thanks to all for your continued support.

Hi Nisene,

The JE500 JetEtch has been a great tool for my analytical lab. The tool has been very reliable for many years.

I think it has been ten years now, trouble-free. The etch variables that can be programmed has made it quite versatile.

Kim Smith
Advanced Technology Group
Skyworks Solutions
Woburn, MA

Rey & Nisene Team,

Thank you for your support throughout the past several days. Your service and attention to our needs alleviated some of the stress we were under by being line down.

Again... Thank you!

Jeff Srsha
Maintenance Engineering Manager
Integra Technologies LLC

I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone at Nisene who helped process the 10 samples through de-cap and with the initial support analysis. We successfully completed bond integrity testing and sent the "thumbs up" to the program to go ahead and use the balance of the lot for production. This work had high visibility both here at Raytheon and also with our DoD customer and successful completion was welcomed by all involved.

Based on the equipment's performance we are moving forward with the purchase of a Jet Etch Pro Cu Protect De-capsulator system. Although it will require "arm twist" in these tight budget times, the results of this work should help move things forward.

Kenneth P. Rispoli
Senior Principal Engineer
Materials Engineering
Raytheon Co.

As failure analysis consultants for the electronics industry, our business depends on our ability to clearly identify the source of failures and determine their causes. Identifying the source often requires careful decapsulation of very delicate components with various wire bond and die materials. The JetEtch Pro, with the copper protect feature JetEtch Pro CuProtect
The industry leader in copper protection decapsulation.
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, allows us to carefully and quickly decapsulate components with copper wire bonds without damaging the key bond features or the bond itself. It is a critical tool for us.

Nisene's model for installation and training really works for us. Our trainer was an experienced user of the JetEtch Pro system we purchased and was able to provide valuable insight into proper system operation and maintenance. The organization of the Service and Operation Manual provided with the system allows users to quickly find the information they need to do their jobs and it is a great resource for OJT of new operators.

Mike Howard
Director of Operations
DfR Solutions, LLC

My extensive research for the best equipment available to do decapsulation of electronic components led me to the Nisene Technology Group time and again. Nisene's fully automated JetEtch II system was exactly what SMT's Quality Control department was looking for in a safe, easy to use and self contained unit. This equipment allows us to quickly and cleanly expose the die for absolute component verification.

At the time of our purchase in 2007, the "Lab in a Box" product offering was not yet available from Nisene. This comprehensive group of accessory items includes all additional required safety and chemical handling products that we ended up researching and buying from 3 additional vendors. SMT is currently considering the purchase of an additional JetEtch II system — this time it will be one-stop-shopping with Nisene's "Lab in a Box" product — it will save time AND money.

Tom Sharpe
Vice President
SMT Corporation

Reliable and cost effective IC package decapsulation is a fundamental requirement for IC FA analysis.

Nisene IC package decapsulators (starting with B&G model 250 through dcap d2i series) have been used in our labs over several years and have been proven to meet this requirement. Nisene Technology is a company that strives to please their customers by offering well-engineered and reliable products. They provide excellent sales, service, and engineering support and are a pleasure to do business with.

D. Kern
FA Analyst
LSI Corporation

A big part of my job is getting integrated circuits open and keeping them functional for failure analysis. The JetEtch (and other models we've had) decapsulation system from Nisene Technology Group has been instrumental in accomplishing this goal for over 20 years. More recently, our goal of keeping functionality after the decapsulation process has become difficult due to Intel's cutting-edge IC technologies. Thanks to Nisene Technology Group's Applications Support division, the etch recipes they've developed makes this goal possible. Nisene Technology Group has a great team of people who are very resourceful, and they're very easy to work with. To the entire Nisene team, I just want to say thank you. You guys are awesome. This is why you are the vendor of choice here at Intel.

Lori Santiago
Failure Analysis Division

North Shore Components recently purchased the JetEtch automated acid decapsulater, which significantly enhances our counterfeit component detection capabilities. We have found your system and your software to be easy-to-use and highly intuitive, and the service and support behind this product has been outstanding. We highly recommend the Nisene JetEtch automated acid decapsulater to anyone looking to prevent counterfeit components from entering the supply chain.

Joseph Ruggiero
Vice President
North Shore Components, Inc.

Nisene's JetEtch was added to our lab and ever since it has been the favorite method of chip decapsulation. The simple yet complete interface, quick start-up and processing time, and ease of break-down and maintenance are all reasons why we love our unit and prefer it over manual or mechanical methods of die exposure.

G. W. Christian Adams
M.S. Chemist
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Right on! Thank you to everyone at Nisene. This is the way service should be. Other companies should take notice.

David W. Miller
Account Executive
Global Electronics Testing Services, LLC