The JetEtch Pro

The JetEtch Pro

It's Raising the Bar. Again.

Nisene Technology Group has yet again raised the bar with its latest automated decapsulation system. Much like our JetEtch decapsulation system, the safety and performance features of the JetEtch Pro decapsulation system are unparalleled in the industry.

Features Include:

The patented pump shipped with JetEtch Pro series decapsulation systems is the world's most efficient and durable pump on the market. Featuring a host of technical advancements over less sophisticated systems found in other manufacturers' decapsulation systems, the pump found in your system is the culmination of decades of engineering designed to meet your every need.

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The industry-leading heat exchanger is all-new for the JetEtch Pro model.

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No shortcuts are taken when dealing with the issue of safety of the JetEtch Pro systems. Read about our safety features by scrolling to the safety section below.

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Our advanced software is intuitive, flexible, and easy to use. From the familiar D-pad configuration of the recipe controls to the bright LCD module, the JetEtch Pro has covered all angles to make the end user experience second to none.

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Get started in a matter of minutes after installing your JetEtch Pro. No need for intense training courses or careful manual review. Just plug it in and go!

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Never settle for second-best when investing in capital purchases. The JetEtch Pro is innovative, cutting-edge, and modern. Our technology is forward-thinking and continues to remain technologically relevant for years and years.

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Despite being the technology leader over its competition, the JetEtch Pro is price favorably to other models in the market. If you find a lower price, let us know and we'll price-match.

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The JetEtch Pro's warranty leads the industry in duration and extensive coverage. Nisene also offers its customers with extended service and support warranties to keep your systems running at optimum condition.

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It's New. It's Familiar. It's Still the Best.

The JetEtch Pro boasts all (and more) of the same safety and operational features as the JetEtch that you have come to expect over the years, but with enhancements to nearly every aspect of its internal components. What has been known as the world's best decapsulation systems over the past 30-plus years is now simply the universe's best, and we stand behind that statement whole-heartedly. The previous version decapsulation system (the JetEtch), has been completely redesigned for maximum efficiency, increased control, and even a few new processes that have the industries reeling in its splendor — and our competition green with envy. Keep reading to find out more about our new workhorse, the JetEtch Pro.

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What does it do?

The JetEtch decapsulation system takes an integrated circuit encapsulated in mold compound and removes it using a user-specified chemical solution. The process of mold compound removal is called "decapsulation" and is often referred-to as "decapping," "Jet-Etching," and similar. The results of this process can be used in a number of ways, but are most commonly seen in semiconductor failure analysis and counterfeit protection during the verification process. Without exposing the die in an integrated circuit, verifying a part's authenticity is virtually impossible. Die exposure is also critical to the failure analysis industry, as a die in this state lends itself best to a wide number of types of tests. 

Just a few examples of decapsulated samples can be seen below:


How does it work?

The JetEtch Pro is an automated chemical decapsulation system. Every one of our decapsulation systems have worked on the same basic principle: deliver acid from the supply bottle, up to the etch head to the awaiting part, and out to the waste bottle. The deviations in delivery methods between each model type over the years are part of what sets each system apart from each other.

To get a better understanding of the mechanics involved in how the system works, we have posted a nice pseudo-schematic diagram here on our site.

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It's a Patented Pump.

How do you improve on the famous Nisene micrometering and patented pump? Well, believe it or not, our patented pump has been completely overhauled to meet the ever-changing demands of the semiconductor failure analysis and integrated circuit distribution industries. With all-new tubing and a proprietary pumping process, the JetEtch Pro etches parts more efficiently than ever before — which saves you time and money. Its robust design has been engineered by our head engineer with over a decade of JetEtch pumping knowledge. It is this lengthy tenure with Nisene and history with decapsulation system manufacturing and servicing experience that has allowed us to redesign what was already a stellar piece of hardware and take it to new heights.

We are so confident in the pump's design that we are offering a six-year warranty on the entire pump assembly. While all other systems out there will be scrap heap relics after six years, our pump will still be standing strong — etching your samples and realizing that all-important return on investment for your company for years to come.

It's a Revolutionary Heat Exchanger.

The heat exchanger in the Nisene JetEtch Pro is unlike anything you'll find in any other decapsulation system. With the largest diameter tubing ever used for a heat exchanger, its pieces constructed of materials specifically designed for superior longevity, and an engineering team with 15-plus years of experience at the helm of its design, the JetEtch Pro's heat exchanger assembly leads the way in all facets.

The performance and durability of our heat exchanger are so extraordinary that we are comfortable offering a three-year warranty from date of purchase on this component. Contact us today to find out more about our heat exchanger.

It's Safe.

The JetEtch Pro decapsulation system is hands-down THE SAFEST decapsulation system available. Featuring a host of safety attributes that go overlooked in other manufacturers' models, Nisene Technology Group prides itself on what it offers in the JetEtch Pro in regards to user safety features. Below we have just a few examples:

Waste Diversion.

Automatically separate your waste acids — ALWAYS!Waste Diverter

The waste diversion process in the JetEtch Pro is and will always be a staple in the safety standards that go into each system we manufacture. A pneumatically controlled waste diversion valve assembly works solely on air pressure and as such is virtually fail-proof. All of your nitric waste acid goes into the nitric waste bottle, and the sulfuric waste acid goes in the sulfuric waste acid bottle.

Do not be fooled by competing systems that offer singular waste bottle setups, where cooling of waste acids occurs prior to the dispension into the waste bottle. Systems like this rely on sensitive electronic components that are susceptible to failure — the very nature of this sort of waste-handling assembly is fraught with contradictions to user safety. To put it simply:

Never mix acids if you don't have to! This is one of many safety principles in which Nisene believes strongly.

Dual Waste Bottles / Bottle Box Assembly.

The JetEtch Pro has a unique dual waste bottle setup that is an extension of its waste diversion process explained above. Each 500 mL bottle (standard sizing) resides in its own storage unit that has a volume of over 600 mL. This means that no leak or bottle crack will get out of its cubby and mix with other acids or acid waste. This is THE SAFEST possible user experience. Look at the difference between the Nisene bottle box assembly on the left, and a competing system's offering on the right. One is safe; the other is not: 

Bottle Box Assemblies

As with the rest of the chassis, the JetEtch Pro uses only the highest-grade plastics for its bottle box assembly. This means that no matter what kind of punishment the JetEtch Pro encounters, it will endure for many years. Only the best from Nisene Technology Group.

Pneumatic Cover Arm / Process Cover.Process Cover

The JetEtch Pro has the safest process etching chamber containment available. Our cover arm assembly is controlled by pneumatics and is hands-down THE SAFEST possible way to seal an etch chamber. This is an assembly that is constructed of the highest grade alloys, plastics, and Teflon that will never wear out over time — a big problem on less sophisticated etching units. Other systems rely on manual closure mechanisms that are not controlled by software, meaning as a user you have to actually close and open the cover on your own! Exposed process cover arm joints and hinges seen on competing systems are highly susceptible to corrosion, to say nothing of creating additional pinch points where one's fingers or lab attire might get caught! Not so with the Nisene models.

At Nisene, we believe that minimal user intervention with our equipment to initiate and halt an etch sequence offers the highest safety to a user and their surroundings. The largest semiconductor manufacturers in the industry — who have the most stringent safety policies out there — couldn't agree more.

Its Software is Advanced.

With a host of features not found on competing equipment, Nisene offers users of its decapsulation equipment the most advanced programming software available. A few things that put our system head and shoulders above the others:

It's Intuitive.JetEtch Pro Series Keypad

The JetEtch Pro is very easy to operate. If you can use a television remote control and navigate its menu, you can use the JetEtch Pro. With its simple and ergonomic — yet functional — keypad and front panel design, the JetEtch Pro offers the simplest and most intuitive user interface of any decapsulation system. Backed by more than three decades of expertise in engineering equipment for use in multiple industries and by a wide variety of personnel, our experience and knowledge in this field has no equal.

The built-in electronic front panel assembly offers many advantages to other models you might find in the field that feature a removable and/or touch screen keypad. Having a contiguous input assembly unit minimizes the need for external connections, which are susceptible to corrosion and failure; and a removable or tethered keypad assembly can introduce contaminated components to areas of your facility that aren't geared for decapsulation safety. Removing the keypad and stylus that you have handled with your gloves while creating a recipe from your etching area to outside of the fume hood or lab area is an unsafe procedure. You won't find anything like that on our systems.

Click here try out our virtual, interactive front panel. (opens in pop-up window)

It's Got Bright Menus.

Dull and drab screens are hard to read. The JetEtch Pro has a high-contrast backlit LCD with eye-popping blue menus and white text that is legible in the most challenging lighting situations and is easy to read from any angle. 

JetEtch Pro Screen JetEtch Pro Screen JetEtch Pro Screen

Our screen is very easy to read.

Technology: It's Our Middle Name.

Nisene Technology Group is constantly innovating and redesigning its decapsulation equipment to meet the demands of the industries we serve. The JetEtch Pro is no exception. The integrated circuit failure analysis and distribution industries are faced with difficult decapsulation challenges with the constantly-changing package construction processes. As an analyst, you may be faced with any number of sample types. 

Copper Wires? Check.

Aluminum Wires? Check.

Gold Wires? Check.

The JetEtch Pro decapsulation system can safely etch virtually any sample that you can put into its etch chamber. With 10 etch parameters at your disposal for sample decap processing, the number of recipes you can write is in the thousands. This variety allows users to have the ultimate flexibility and fine-tuning capabilities necessary for the most complex package designs — including samples with wires and other internal components made of gold, aluminum, and copper. Since the JetEtch can store 100 different recipes in its nonvolatile memory EEPROM chip, once you save a recipe into the system it is ready for recall — whether that's for tomorrow's etching or for a sample run coming up next year. When you lock-in a recipe, it's there forever until you change it again.

Protect Your Copper Wires with the CuProtect and TotalProtect

The JetEtch Pro is now available with in two new configurations that are shaking up the industry: The CuProtect and the TotalProtect.

The JetEtch Pro with CuProtect option is changing the game with its revolutionary method for etching samples with copper wires by utilizing a patented bias voltage process. Click here to read more about the CuProtect.

The TotalProtect model features the bias voltage process found in the CuProtect, but also includes a special sub-ambient cooling option that offers the user the most advanced set of copper wire protection options available. It's the total solution. Click here to read more about the TotalProtect. 

It's Affordable.

With the status of the global economy in mind, Nisene's JetEtch Pro is in line with the competition — despite being light years ahead of what anyone else is offering in terms of its technological advantages. If pricing is an issue and you find that a competitor's pricing is more favorable to your budget, Nisene Technology Group promises to meet or beat anyone else's quotation to you on comparable equipment. Just show us the quote and we'll match it — and then some! With the most experienced and longest-lasting decapsulation system manufacturers matching the pricing offered by companies who have been in business for less than 10 years, the choice is easy.

The Warranty: It's Long.

The JetEtch Pro comes with the most comprehensive decapsulation system warranty on the planet. Just look at what we're offering! *

JetEtch Pro Specs: (click here to print)


Etcher unit (mm/in) 290 h x 290 w x 419 d / 11.5 h x 11.5 w x 16.5 d

Bottle container, each unit (mm/in) 230 h x 110 w x 110 d / 9 h x 4.25 w x 4.25 d

Weight (kg/lbs)

17 / 38 (excluding bottle container and accessories)


350 W @ 95 - 130 VAC or 350 W @ 210 - 250 VAC

CDA/N2 Requirements

CDA 4.2 kg/cm2 / 60 –100 psi

Nitrogen supply 2.8 lpm / 0.1 cfm

Etchants Available

Etchant volume: .1, .2, .5, 1-10mL/min for Pulse; 1-6mL/min for Vortex

Fuming nitric acid

Fuming sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid (concentrated reagent grade)

Nitric : sulfuric acid mix 6:1, 5:1, 4:1, 3:1

Sulfuric : nitric acid mix 6:1, 5:1, 4:1, 3:1

Temperature Ranges

JetEtch Pro and CuProtect

Nitric acid (°C) 20 – 90

Sulfuric acid (°C) 20 – 250

Mixed acids (°C) 20 – 100

JetEtch Pro TotalProtect

Nitric acid (°C) 5 – 90

Sulfuric acid (°C) 5 – 150

Mixed acids (°C) 5 – 100

(mixed etchant range automatically calibrated to ratio selected)

Etching Time & Modality

(user selectable)

1 – 1800 seconds in 1.0-second increments

Pulse Etch mode, Vortex Etch mode

Program capacity: 100, user-defined, in nonvolatile memory

JetEtch Pro CuProtect and TotalProtect

Bias selection: 0.0 – 20 V in 0.1-V increments

JetEtch Pro TotalProtect

1 – 3600 seconds in 1.0-second increments

Program Daisy-chaining: combine multiple programs in succession without interrupting the etch process

Heat-up Time

(user selectable)

0 – 120 seconds in 1.0-second increments

Rinse Options

Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, no rinse


500-mL or 1-litre bottles

33/38/40/45-mm cap sizes

4 bottles standard: 2 acid, 2 waste


CE certification, SEMI S-2-93, SEMI S-2-2000


All JetEtch Pro systems are supplied with a standard basic Accessory Kit. A wide range of Accessory Kits and custom-designed Monolithic Gaskets is available (contact Nisene for details). 

Die-down BGA Kit 0300606

DIP/SIP Kit 0300601

PBGA Kit 0300605

PLCC Kit 0300602

QFP Kit 0300604

QFN/MLP Kit 0300609

SOIC Kit 0300603

Universal Accessory Kit 0300612


Installation in chemical fume hood required. 0.5 meters/sec minimum flow rate (100 surface ft/min)

Nisene Technology Group — Defining Decapsulation.

* = Warranty coverage not available in all areas. Contact your Nisene rep for more details.

** = Temperature range minimum based on ambient lab temperature.

** = TotalProtect temperature minimum capable of 5ºC